Sunday 1st January 2012 (2)

Bubble Prayers

As each section of prayer begins blow a new bubble, or have children if any do it. The cue for the next bubble will be response.

Lord of promise,
this New Year has begun,
and while we know that today and yesterday
are only hours apart,
You have taught us through the Gospel
to embrace the opportunity for a fresh start,
for new life and new beginnings.
Like bubbles floating into the sky
our hopes and ambitions
can seem lost in the atmosphere.
The Gospel and our encounters with Jesus
lead us to the knowledge
that even when we think hope is gone
life with you incorporates the change.

So as we blow our bubbles of hope,
as they burst
we place our prayers with You,
accepting that we will have our part to play in the future
and trusting You with where the future may lead.

We blow our first bubble
remembering those who will give birth
to new children and new ideas this year.
May the children experience
the love and affection
that allows them to grow
in all ways.

May your heavenly light shine

This bubble is for those
who will mark their journey
through life with anniversaries and achievements.
So we pray for those
who have found love in sharing life with another,
and those who have enjoyed the freedom of their path.
We remember those who will work towards qualifications
and those who will change direction
In working and family life.

May your heavenly light shine

Our third bubble is for those we will miss this year,
those who have died,
that we have mourned and continue to mourn.
This bubble reminds us of the fragile nature of life
and the hope of eternal life
promised in You.

May your heavenly light shine

Blowing this bubble
we feel the winds of change needed across our world.
There are those who live in places
where the danger of war and famine
threaten to burst;
or where danger and hunger
are the overwhelming atmosphere.
May the action of governments and leaders
bring change to their lives,
that they may know your comfort and nearness.

May your heavenly light shine

Our last bubble is for the commitments we will make.
May we be prepared to live as those
who have placed their trust in You.
May You make us courageous,
unafraid of what the future holds,
and what people might think.
Instead living as those
who have heard Christ’s story
and are willing to share it with others.

May your heavenly light shine




Sunday 1st January 2012

Opening Prayer

Lord of the New Year,
This season,
this morning,
remind us of the cycle of creation:
that every year, every week, every morning, every hour,
there is an opportunity to begin again.
As change and decay touch our lives
we celebrate the moments
when Your love casts its light
across all life
and shows fresh opportunities
and new growth.
In the birth of Your Son
You offered a new creation;
in His naming,
the potential of His life is revealed.

So this morning
we awaken to new potential
for our lives.
We ask to be named by You
that what we might be
in Your light is revealed.

As You cast a shadow across our lives
we cannot fail but notice
those times when we have chosen darkness and decay
over light and possibility.
We remember our unbelief
in what You believe we can offer;
our ability to tear down the confidence of others;
our failure to seek out the goodness
that exists in the world around.


The birth of your Son,
the beginning of a New Year,
offer us a new beginning and new ideas.
May we find Your forgiveness
encouraging us to explore
what lies ahead
on our own and in the communities we are part of,
serving in Christ’s name. Amen.

A Place for Prayer

Each week involves preparing prayer for the things that happen around the church building and community. Some of these are borrowed from other people and places; some are inspired by other people’s thoughts; while others are from personal imagination and experiences.

What will be found here will be those primarily from the last category, which others are free to be inspired by or to use as they come. There is no promise that they will suit every occasion or person. Instead they come with the motto offered by a friend that in the task of ministry we are called to be faithful not perfect.