Sunday 29th January 2012 – Epiphany 4B

God you open you arms wide with welcome
that we might draw closer to You.
You create a space that is wide enough
to accomodate different views, talents and personalities.
May we make space for others
who do not match our perspective,
but speak of You in new ways.



Sunday 22nd January 2012

Call to Worship

Christ calls into our lives
inviting us to turn our lives around
and place our love of Him
at the centre of our lives
and in our encounters with all people.

Christ calls
for the kingdom of God is near
in this time we make together…

Prayer of Approach and Confession

Keeper of eternity,
all time is in Your hands.
While creation evolves at breakneck speed,
in the hands of the Creator
the moulding and the shaping
speak of grace and care,
tenderness and compassion.
The invitation
to encounter the words and hands
of the Divine
is timeless
and yet for this time and moment,
and for our ears to hear.

Our words for You
and our understanding of creation
fall short of all that You are
and all that has been and is yet to be.
Our ignorance does not keep us from Your invitation.
Instead You invite us to step
into the pool of life and hope,
that we might be refreshed
with Your Spirit,
and willing to serve You and others
with laughter and joy.

Willing are we to hear the invitation.
Willing are we to step into Your cooling water.
Not always willing to offer our whole selves.

Forgive us Lord,
for when we keep a little back;
for when we find it difficult to be fair with others;
for the times when we have not shown love
and been unkind;
for our lapses in sensitivity.


In Your love and forgiveness
You have heard our failings,
and seek out our hearts
that we might be renewed and refreshed,
willing to be awakened to celebrate
the possibility of serving You.

Offertory Prayer

God of hope and strength,
we have placed our trust in You
in good times
and in times of uncertainty,
and found You gracious in Your care.
In what we give
we respond to Your call
to give freely
from the love You have bestowed upon us,
in Christ’s name.


Sunday 15th January 2012 (2)

Opening Prayer

Whispering Lord,
whistling in the wind,
singing in the sweeping tides,
humming as the world turns
and business meddles and moulds,
You issue an invitation
to all who hear
to turn and follow you.
While worldly noises crash upon the ears,
Your voice is the whisper
that asks creation
to turn around;
it is the lilting lullaby
that settles the troubled mind;
it is the sharp shout
that calls attention
to the injustices that ask for our attention.

We do not always hear Your voice,
Or understand what it is
that You call us to.
The noises of the world can seem so exciting
or overwhelming
that the still, small voice is sometimes ignored.
Even when You call clearly to us,
so unfamiliar are we with listening
we fail to follow the path that You offer for us.

Forgive us our inability
to hear You,
in the whispers that come directly to us;
and in the words that You place in the mouths of others
that we ignore
because we believe we are being patronised or undermined.

With Your forgiveness,
Gracious Lord,
May You teach us
to trust the wise counsel of others
who sense Your Spirit calling the world to new things.


Sunday 15th January 2012 – Epiphany 2

On the order of service for the worship in our building each week there is a prayer of preparation for those who are settling themselves. As the order of service can be taken home, there is also a hope that people might find them useful in their own daily prayers.

The prayers are usually written by whoever is leading worship, or found by them for others to use. Where the prayer is borrowed from another place, credit is always given.

This is this week’s…

Teach me to listen, Lord,
in the still of the night,
as the wind sweeps and stirs around my home
that I might hear your voice of compassion and comfort.
Teach me to listen, Lord,
in the buzzing of the morning,
as the world wakes up,
that I might know you in the activities that lie ahead.
Teach me to listen, Lord,
in the hum of day time,
as traffic and people move around me,
that I might meet Your Spirit calling me to the tasks You plan.