Sunday 4th March 2012 – Lent 2B

Renamed by You,
God of many names,
we find You lay a path before us.
The name You give
speaks of all You hope for us
and all You ask of us.
Help us to live as those
proud to bear Christ’s name,
leading lives that tell
of hope and love
growing where pain and hurt
sowed seeds.



Sunday 26th February 2012 – Lent 1B (3)

Prayers of the People

How little time we make for saying thank you,
or for enjoying Your presence,
or for time alone with our thoughts.
For gracious God,
we wonder at Your world
with so much to play and do
that we make our lives fraught with activity
and forget about the waiting time
where we might reflect upon what has gone before
and what lies ahead.

So we thank You for all we see and do
that marks our lives with enjoyment.
For the people who fill our days,
and the toys and gifts we play with.
And we thank You
that You offer a place and a time
for knowledge and encounter of You
whenever we would place ourselves
in Your hands.

While not alone
we come to prayer
here in this place
with our own thoughts, care and concerns
and find them prompted, challenged and encouraged
by the communal activity of sharing our faith
So in silence we name our own concerns
for our families and friends;
for the church;
and for the wider world.


God of simplicity,
we open our newspapers
or tune on the television and radio
or listen to the stories of our neighbours
as we do not know where to begin in prayer.

Yet you invite us to open our hearts
and lay bear the hurts of the world.

In this world of uncertainty
we remember all those who do not know what tomorrow will bring.
We pray for those who work short term contracts,
or who are facing redundancy
as they worry not just about themselves,
but the impact upon the families and communities they are part of.
We pray for those who live with the uncertainty of their community
as worldwide news makes us aware
of those whose governments threaten the people,
where there is an elitist view to education and wealth,
and where poverty is comes in various guises
from empty stomachs to empty imagination.

May we who enjoy freedom of speech
and of choice,
learn to use the gift we have been given
to provoke action for others.
As Your Spirit moves across the world,
may You continue to be at work
in the guiding of leaders
that Your kingdom of justice and equality
might be built in this earthly realm.

We pray for those
who live with the uncertainty of their health.
May they be encouraged by those who care for them,
and be offered hope of Your presence
in their daily living.

God of simple living
You invite us to be simple in our asking
and to offer you our thanks and praise
along with the cares and concerns we share.
As we share these prayers,
may we find You at work in our hearts
so that at the Spirit’s prompting
we too may be part of the action of our prayers.
In Christ’s name.


Sunday 26th February 2012 – Lent 1B (2)

Offertory Prayer

Loving Creator,
In each of the gifts that we have been given
You have sought to remind humanity
of its connection and relationship to You.
From the gift of the wonder of the beauty of a rainbow
to the simple gift of a touch
that reminds another that someone cares,
You have placed Your presence in our lives.
As we take time this Lent
to reflect upon
how You are at work in our loves,
may the gifts we give
offer signs of You to others
as well as to ourselves,
that Christ’s activity may continue
as Your Spirit prompts us
to reflect Your love shown in Him.


Sunday 19th February 2012 – Transfiguration B

I’m on holiday this week, so there may not be as many prayers this weekend, but I have some ideas for a weekend I often miss.

Prayer of Preparation

used on order of service

Open my eyes,
Transforming God,
that I might recognise You
in seemingly hopeless moments;
that I might see you
in those I find hard to love;
that I might offer Christ’s love
at unexpected moments.


Sunday 12th February 2012 – Epiphany 6B (5)

Prayers of the People

Living Lord,

in all of life You wander

and touch Your creation

with tender hands

and boisterous Spirit.

When waters lie untroubled

Your presence is so often taken for granted,

while in the storms of grief, ill health and pain,

our voices and hearts crave Your attention.

We thank You

for the care You offer,

in listening to our cries,

in calming words spoken in the voices of others

and the experiences that surround us,

for the way in which you still our troubles

that the clarity of what lies ahead might be seen

if only briefly.

We pray for Your church,

which lives with the tension of division,

as people seek to claim they hold the answer or the truth.

We pray for the overcoming of prejudices and animosity,

and hope that in Christ’s love

we might find a place for unity and sharing of common ground.

We remember the troubled areas of the world:

people living in tyranny and oppressions,

societies torn apart by violence and suspicion,

nations where the poor have no hope,

and yet the rich continue to grow in wealth and power.

May worldly communities seek to reach out

to those who feel cast out or adrift

from the ongoings of their society.

Enable all to find their health and wholeness in Your embrace.

We thank you for those times

when we have felt at home,

healthy, loved and secure.

Yet we acknowledge that for many people in our local community

and across the global community

that this is not the case.

We prayer for families and communities

where love has broken down,

and people are unsure of who to trust;

for homes living under the pressure

of ill-health, loss of income or job and lack of certainty and security.

As we encounter those who find themselves

pushed to the edges of community and family life,

may we remember the breadth of Your embrace

and the welcome of Your love,

so that we might be part of the healing and restoration

that encourages all to be made whole by Your Spirit.


Sunday 12th February 2012 – Epiphany 6B (4)

Offertory Prayer

Gracious God,

You have blessed us

with the wealth of life,

and in a society that considers

wealth in monetary terms,

You invite us to recognise

the simplicity of Your gifts.

For Your wealth is in our health,

or in the healing balm of those who care.

Your blessing is in the talents we exhibit

at work or play,

and in the joys we have in watching others

at work, or in their enjoyment.

In all we give,

we thank You

for all we have experienced of Your grace,

shown when life

gives voice to Jesus in our midst.