Sunday 5th February 2012 (5)

Prayers of the People

Lord of all creation,
You are great in might and power,
and with Your blessing
brought all things into being.
You are our strength
in times of weakness,
lifting us up when
we are down or vulnerable.
We wait, watch and long for you.
For you renew our powers, refresh our spirits and restore our well-being.
You give strength to the exhausted
and empower the powerless.
With Your church
you seek out those places
where resources and courage are needed,
bringing care to those who cannot care for themselves.
We pray for the lowly
and those who feel humiliated.
May your strength be found
in those who bring relief
to those who hunger and thirst.
We pray for governments
and great worldly powers.
With the changing scenes of political power across the world,
may those who hold the power
use it not to exploit the poor,
but instead to protect the vulnerable and neglected.
May your strength be found
in the decisions that are made.
We pray for those who feel weak, in body, mind or spirit,
all those who have come to the end of their own resources.
While budget cuts may mean less money
enable us all
to ensure that vulnerable groups do not find their mobility
or living hampered.
Encourage us in our support of those whose memories
do not always encounter today,
and those who must care for those who no longer recognise them.
May your strength be found
in the midst of illness
as love and care are shared.
We give thanks that
Jesus Christ is our healer and redeemer,
and does not allow us to be lost from him.
Even when we feel bereft from the world,
he reaches out in love.
We remember those who are grieving
following the death of a loved one.
May your strength
renew and refresh all life
that Your light may call them towards the future
You have prepared.


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