Sunday 12th February 2012 – Epiphany 6B (5)

Prayers of the People

Living Lord,

in all of life You wander

and touch Your creation

with tender hands

and boisterous Spirit.

When waters lie untroubled

Your presence is so often taken for granted,

while in the storms of grief, ill health and pain,

our voices and hearts crave Your attention.

We thank You

for the care You offer,

in listening to our cries,

in calming words spoken in the voices of others

and the experiences that surround us,

for the way in which you still our troubles

that the clarity of what lies ahead might be seen

if only briefly.

We pray for Your church,

which lives with the tension of division,

as people seek to claim they hold the answer or the truth.

We pray for the overcoming of prejudices and animosity,

and hope that in Christ’s love

we might find a place for unity and sharing of common ground.

We remember the troubled areas of the world:

people living in tyranny and oppressions,

societies torn apart by violence and suspicion,

nations where the poor have no hope,

and yet the rich continue to grow in wealth and power.

May worldly communities seek to reach out

to those who feel cast out or adrift

from the ongoings of their society.

Enable all to find their health and wholeness in Your embrace.

We thank you for those times

when we have felt at home,

healthy, loved and secure.

Yet we acknowledge that for many people in our local community

and across the global community

that this is not the case.

We prayer for families and communities

where love has broken down,

and people are unsure of who to trust;

for homes living under the pressure

of ill-health, loss of income or job and lack of certainty and security.

As we encounter those who find themselves

pushed to the edges of community and family life,

may we remember the breadth of Your embrace

and the welcome of Your love,

so that we might be part of the healing and restoration

that encourages all to be made whole by Your Spirit.



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