Sunday 25th March 2012 – Lent 5B (5)

God of Creation,

You are a caring and attentive gardener,

who sows seeds in unexpected places

that new and creative ways

of encountering Your Spirit might take place.

We thank You for those

who have laboured in Your creation garden

touching our lives

and the lives of others

with the stories of faith

that have fed the roots,

and watered lives

with unseen care and compassion.

As we bring our cares and concerns to You

in prayer,

may we remember those who have inspired us in our faith,

whether they have dragged us to the source of their knowledge,

or lightly guided by allowing us to make choices for ourselves.


We pray for your church in Corstorphine and Edinburgh.

We thank You for the differences

that exist between our congregations

in history and theology

knowing that it is these differences

that spark our interest and conversations.

We nurture the similarities between us,

and continue to acknowledge

our shared love and service of You.


We remember the different seeds

that are scattered in human life:

Seeds of ambition, power, self-seeking

and recognise that while they have positive aspects to them,

they can also be divisive

as the separate the haves from the have nots.

May we as Your church

seek out the seeds of commonality and community

that we might encourage others

to know more of You and of each other

as we learn to share the resources

we have been given.


We pray for our government and World Leaders.

In the policies and decisions they make

they offer the people the govern

the opportunity to grow.

May they find ways

to enable people to have the access to education, health,

housing, and work,

that allow them

to live life in all possible ways.


We remember those who struggle to grow,

held back by fear or circumstances.

We remember children

who do not have the food or healthcare

that will enable them to grow to adulthood;

families squashed into shack-like accommodation;

people who await the next bomb to drop

or bullet to fire.

In communities across the world,

may the seeds of hope and peace be planted

and may we

inspired by You

find ways to encourage them to grow.


As we mourn the loss of others from our lives

may we find the seeds of faith

they have inspired within us

growing with Your care,

that we might be willing to nurture

the signs of Your life

in all circumstances

in Christ’s name.



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