Sunday 29th April 2012 – Easter 4B (5)

God of many names,

we praise You for the many ways

in which we experience You.

For in the many names

there is an opportunity to know You

in new ways,

or in ways that are personal to us.

In many names

You offer the invitation

to experience the breadth and depth of Your love

and Your desire to be present in all human experience.


Jehovah Jireh,

God who provides for all our needs,

we come as a people and a church

that so often experience plenty,

and that lives in a world of want.

Teach us to be satisfied

when our needs are met,

and to live as those willing

to tackle the wants of our world.


Jehovah Rophe,

God who heals,

we remember those who are in need of healing.

We think of those who are unwell in body, mind or spirit,

both those we know

and those we have yet to encounter.

May all be assured of Your presence in their lives,

and may they be healed in the knowledge

of what the future holds for them.


Jehovah Shalom,

God of peace,

may Your Spirit whisper to those who form the governments of this world,

so that they might hear gentle and calming words.

In the dealing with the conflicts of nations,

and the turmoils of economics,

may those who make decisions

be guided to ensure peace for all people,

and allow justice to break into the lives

of those who live in fear.


Jehovah Shammah,

God who is there,

help all who feel alone

to be assured of Your presence.

As the bereaved find empty spaces in their days,

may You comfort them with new possibilities.

As those who face redundancy and unemployment

feel unwanted and cast aside,

may You offer them task from Your hands.


God who is there,

in all the prayers we offer,

may the names we call out to You

remind us of why Christ is in our lives

and lead us towards

the heavenly kingdom in our midst.



Sunday 20th April 2012 – Easter 4B (3)

Shepherding Lord,

It is to Your voice

that the creation responds.

With gentle whistles

and provoking calls

You draw those who hear

towards You

that You might tend and care

for the hurts and wounds,

and that You might feed

and encourage

the life within each living thing.


You are not content with resting

with those who have heard Your voice.

Instead You search amongst

the rocks and fears

of life and and faith,

looking for those

who have wandered from Your chosen path.

You tend the wounds and hurts

with the healing balm

of unexpected love.


Forgive us when we choose to ignore

Your voice,

and listen instead to the voices

that surround us,

that make calls upon our lives

that do not allow for Your presence

to show from our actions.

Forgive us when we clamber over the rocks

and take ourselves away from the path You have shown,

thinking that we know better,

or can face the world on our own.

Forgive us when our voices

call others to the wrong ways of living,

or leads them into painful and dangerous places.




Lord of goodness and mercy,

You forgiveness refreshes our whole lives,

guiding us when we fail,

and assuring us of Christ’s presence in our lives.



Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Easter 3B (5)

Risen Christ,

You reveal the love and radiance of God,

that we might know Your peace.

We celebrate Your presence in our lives

as Your resurrection

calms the fears we have for the impossible,

and strengthens our belief

in the possibilities of faith to which You call us.


God of the unexplained,

no matter how much science seeks after an explanation

for an understanding of all things,

there appears to be much in the creation

that is without explanation or logic.

As a people of faith,

just as we seem to think we have understood the path You seek us to make,

You pull us in a new direction

that we might understand more of You

and of the kingdom You want to make

for all people.

Help us to enjoy the intrigue and the mystery.

May we thrill in the possibilities,

rather than becoming staid and content with the status quo.


There is much in the world that we do not understand,

and so You call us to search for meaning and purpose,

and for change in actions

tha others might experience Your love.


We pray for the leaders of our world,

that they might search for a deeper understanding

of complex issues and situations.

As they serve people in governments,

may they recognise the need to understand relationships

and local history

so that dignity and justice

might be the right of all people.

We remember the people of Syria

and of Bahrain

as we ourselves learn more about their situations.


We pray for the church

as it comes to a deeper understanding

of what it means to follow Christ.

Perhaps for our church that means living with the tensions

of what we understand within the Gospel.

May we learn to respect the argument and opinions of others

as we listen for Your voice and guidance

in the issues that threaten to divide us.


We pray for our world,

and a deeper understanding

of the worth and needs of all people.

in a world that is divided by wealth and poverty,

over-eating and starvation,

having and not having,

enable us to recognise the basic needs of all people.

teach us to respect the cultures and values of others

that they might better inform our own lives.


May we find ourselves willing to always learn,

to be thrilled by the possibility of faith,

and all that Christ’s presence might bring to our lives.


Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Easter 3B (4)

Lord of life,

You meet our every need.

Feeding us when we are hungry.

Quenching our thirst.

Inspiring our thoughts,

and encouraging the gifts

that lie within,

You have made Your presence in our lives

as much sustenance as food and drink.

As we give from all we have been given,

and bring an offering of our time and talents

may all we give

inspire others

as they encounter You,

the Risen Christ,

in the gifts of our hearts.