Sunday 8th April 2012 – Easter Day (3)

It was Your voice that called us to this place today,

Your voice

that is sometimes mistaken for the Gardener.

You Risen Lord,

offer care and nurture

that inspires growth

within the garden of our faith.

But today as Your laughter

called out from the tomb,

You invited those who would hurry to greet You

this Easter Day,

to view that in You

the impossible can happen.


For You are a God who loves the unloveable

making space in the group that surround You

for all who have felt

unwanted by the world.

Your risen presence in life

turns all we know

on its head,

and tells us that when we thought all hope was gone

You are to be found

offering the opportunity of a new beginning.


Sometimes we are the unloveable that feel cast aside,

and we remember those times

when we have felt at odds with the world –

when we are lonely, bereaved, unwell or bullied –

and at these times

we trust

that You will call us to Your arms

for comfort and hope.

We also create the unloveable

and push others to the outskirts of our relationships

because they are different,

or because they do not fit with our plans.


Forgive us for our focus on ourselves

that in Your Resurrection within our faith

we might be called

to welcome the breadth of Your community and world.

In Jesus name,



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