Sunday 22nd April 2012 – Easter 3B (5)

Risen Christ,

You reveal the love and radiance of God,

that we might know Your peace.

We celebrate Your presence in our lives

as Your resurrection

calms the fears we have for the impossible,

and strengthens our belief

in the possibilities of faith to which You call us.


God of the unexplained,

no matter how much science seeks after an explanation

for an understanding of all things,

there appears to be much in the creation

that is without explanation or logic.

As a people of faith,

just as we seem to think we have understood the path You seek us to make,

You pull us in a new direction

that we might understand more of You

and of the kingdom You want to make

for all people.

Help us to enjoy the intrigue and the mystery.

May we thrill in the possibilities,

rather than becoming staid and content with the status quo.


There is much in the world that we do not understand,

and so You call us to search for meaning and purpose,

and for change in actions

tha others might experience Your love.


We pray for the leaders of our world,

that they might search for a deeper understanding

of complex issues and situations.

As they serve people in governments,

may they recognise the need to understand relationships

and local history

so that dignity and justice

might be the right of all people.

We remember the people of Syria

and of Bahrain

as we ourselves learn more about their situations.


We pray for the church

as it comes to a deeper understanding

of what it means to follow Christ.

Perhaps for our church that means living with the tensions

of what we understand within the Gospel.

May we learn to respect the argument and opinions of others

as we listen for Your voice and guidance

in the issues that threaten to divide us.


We pray for our world,

and a deeper understanding

of the worth and needs of all people.

in a world that is divided by wealth and poverty,

over-eating and starvation,

having and not having,

enable us to recognise the basic needs of all people.

teach us to respect the cultures and values of others

that they might better inform our own lives.


May we find ourselves willing to always learn,

to be thrilled by the possibility of faith,

and all that Christ’s presence might bring to our lives.



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