Sunday 3rd June 2012 – Trinity (3)

God of all gifts,

of roaring wave

and clashing thunder;

of high mountains

and deep seas;

we worship You

for all You have placed

within our grasp.

We give with thanks

from all that receive

in work and play

and place ourselves and our gifts

at the direction of Your Spirit

so that You might use them

in the continuing work

of shaping our world with the story of Christ.



Sunday 3rd June 2012 – Trinity (2)

Mysterious Creator,

the creation grasps to know You

and catches only a partial glimpse

that causes intrigue.

Your hand is at work

in the shaping of rock and plant

through the movement of water.


Your voice is heard

as the story of Jesus

is repeated in word and action

by those who want to know You

and those who offer an encounter

with Your presence

alive in the world today.


Your Spirit inspires and empowers

as Your love, justice and mercy

entwine around human hearts and relationships.


We worship You

for the myriad ways

that speak of You.

As we gather today

may we remember You

in the many relationships

that offer an image of You.

So we remember You as Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

and we remember You as mother, brother, sister, friend, sustainer and comforter.


Each of Your relationships offers us a vision

of how communities should live together,

where each party recognises the gifts and beauty of another.

We know that we fail

in our relationships

and can so easily tear our communities apart.

Forgive us for those times

when we have not been willing to hear the stories of another;

when we have undermined another with cruel words;

when we have taken more than we need

and not been prepared to make sacrifices.




Comforter and Sustainer,

You are at work in our hearts and minds,

transforming all that we have been

that we might offer Christ’s love

in all You invite us to do.


Sunday 20th May 2013 – Building Foundations (2)

God of the past,

Your story has been told

amongst people in this place

as they have shared the Gospel

and explored the mystery of faith

in worship and service inspired by You.


God of the present,

Your story continues

in the new life

that finds its place amongst us.

Each fresh encounter

quenching the thirst

of those who come hoping to meet Your Spirit.

The rhythm and tradition of our praise and worship

is offered in adoration

of Your desire and hope for Your people.


God of the future,

You present yourself

in the vision of the young and old

and all those in between.

You unite our hearts in worship and sacrament

that all might be assured of Your presence

with them.


God of all ages,

You have travelled

and continue to travel

with all people,

sharing moments of joy and despair.

You know our weaknesses;

our self-reliance and self-belief,

our lack of trust in the abilities and faith of others.


As your forgiveness washes over us

and remind us that as faithful followers

we are transformed byYour Holy Spirit

to be the people You have invited us to be

in Christ’s name.


Sunday 20th May 2012 – Building Foundations

Once again we are off Lectionary as we celebrate the Centenary of the laying of our foundation stone over two weeks.   Normal service will be resumed on Sunday 3rd June.   Until then, there will be lots of stones and buildings to encounter.


The God of all ages

travels with His people

in every generation.

He has shared the moments of joy

and the times of despair,

and in each of those expressions of faith

and laid the foundations

for others to meet His love

in Jesus Christ’s presence in our lives.

We gather this morning

to celebrate our faith

inspired by those who laid the foundations

for our worship and service

within our part of Corstorphine and beyond,

and to be reminded

by the stirring of God’s Spirit

of all that is still possible.

Sunday 13th May 2012 – Easter 6B

It’s Christian Aid Week in the United Kingdom and like many congregations we will be using the liturgy produced for that day, with a few tweaks to help it work for us.   So no prayers from me this week I’m afraid.   All the liturgy can be found in the worship section of the Christian Aid website,

This is the prayer that appears on their prayer cards…

People working together,

children going to school,

women speaking out,

tools for transformation,

communities thriving and not just surviving,

and no more hunger –

these are fruits that will last. 

Jesus who calls us friends,

may we love one another and remain in your love.