Sunday 1st July 2012 – Pentecost 5B(5)


Lord of people,

had time for everyone.

You stopped to listen to stories from other.

You waited

to ensure that people knew

that they were welcome

and whole

after the had met You.

You touched the lives of those

who were ignored and outcast

by rules and regulations.

We thank You

for those who ensure

that we know

God alive in the world today.

we thank You for the moments

of healing we have experienced in our lives,

the times when we know we belong

and are loved and welcome.


We pray for those who are the healing hands of our world today.

We remember all who care for the sick,

acting as your hands and healing balm.

We think of those who act as carers,

taking on roles for people they love

that ask them to help

at the most vulnerable times of the day.

We remember doctors and nurses,

for paramedics,

who are expected to respond and care

in difficult and unknown situations.


Healing comes in more than medical care

so we think of those involved

in supporting health and well-being.

We remember researchers and scientists

who change and adapt medicines

and care

that people are offered choice

in how care is administered to them.


We pray for the care offered

through government and leadership

as it listens to the needs of the community it serves

and shapes values and laws

to allow people to know healing

through acceptance and respect.


We remember those we know

in need of Your love, care and healing

that they might experience Your touch

and welcome the new knowledge they gain.


Healing Lord,

may your wisdom shapes

us and the world we live in

so that all feel valued

and receive the help

that inspires them to know

they are a child of God.



Sunday 1st July 2012 – Pentecost 5B (4)

Healing Lord,

Your grace lightens our hearts

and lifts the load from our minds,

The power of the Holy Spirit

rests upon the gifts

You have placed within us,

and inspires us to offer in faith

what we can

that others might know healing and wholeness

in the places they live.


Sunday 1st July 2012 – Pentecost 5B (3)

God of the new day,

Your faithfulness is beyond measure

bringing hope

to all who seek out a place in Your presence.

In the silence of this place and time

Your compassion pours into life

offering Your unfailing love.


Christ’s hands

reach to the wounds of our lives,

and with healing balm

restore us to a new beginning.

He encourages

to take courage from our healing

and to speak of the transformation

that our encounters of faith

invite us to.


Holy Spirit

You invite us to be the healing hands.

You open our eyes

to view the world around us

so that we might discover

those in need of the assurance

of God’s hopes and desires for them.



we confess that we are not always aware of the needs of others

as we focus on our own worries and woes.

We remember the hurt we cause

when we rush into decisions

with little thought about the hurt we cause others

or the consequences.




May we find that Your forgiveness

teaches us new patters of living.

Help us to be sensitive

and to listen with more than our ears,

that Christ might be present in our encounters with others.


Sunday 24th June 2012 – Pentecost 4B (5)


we thank You for Your ever-present love for us,

that shades us from the scalding heat

of others anger,

and warms us with affection.

We thank for all those who surround us

and offer security and trust.

For the gifts of creation

that fill our bellies,

delight our eyes,

and stimulate our hands.

For the wealth we have been given

that we might learn to share

and engage with others.


As we leave our table this morning,

open our eyes to see the world

and those who face the storms of their lives.


We remember those

who have been affected by the persistent rains

of our shores.

People who have had their homes destroyed by flood waters.

We think of those affected

by the raging winds.

May Your love give them strength to face the future.


War wages on different shores,

bringing a different kind of storm.

We remember those

who find themselves caught up in fighting.

Children who are scared to play in street.

Spouses and partners

who wait for news of their loved one.

Soldiers on all sides

who wage the war expected of them

May Your love meet them in their needs.


In bereavement and loss

families and individuals work their way through

the storms of emotions.

Picture and words

can bring a rush of emotion

and of memory.

May Your love bring peace to their lives.


Lord as we face the storms of life

may we be assured that Your love

will guide and strengthen us

as Christ leads us forwards.


Sunday 24th June 2012 – Pentecost 4B (4)

God of all times and occasions,

in You we have placed our trust

as we have met you in loneliness

and sadness,

and in joy and celebration.

You place Your trust in us

by inviting us to share

in Your work in the world.

You take what we offer from our lives

and bless it

that it might bring comfort and calm

to the lives of those

tossed in different waters and waves.