Sunday 17th June 2012 – Pentecost 3 (5)

Creator God,

the Gardener of all life,

we thank You for Your love of creation

which You show in the care

You take

in the on-going cycle of movement and colour

that turns the globe we live upon.

We thank You for all that grows

and nourishes our lives.

As the sun casts the light upon each day

You awaken us to new hopes

and dreams,

and at the close of day

You stroke our brows

and whisper promises

of what tomorrow might hold

as we explore more of Christ’s presence

in the world.


In prayer we remember those

who find growing difficult.

We pray for those

who do not have fertile lands,

or pouring rains,

and where instead

there is a struggle to even provide one meal.

We pray for those

who live in fear,

for outside their doors

war is waging

and they are trapped in the darkness of hopelessness.

We pray for those

whose imaginations are vivid

but who are not always encouraged

to explore the world in new ways.


We remember those

who must shape our world for growth,

as they form governments and committees

that speak of the ideals of the communities they live in.

May all people find a voice

to speak out against injustices

that our world

might grow the fruit

that offers signs of God’s presence amongst us.


We pray for those who feel their growth is limited.

For those who feel tired and old;

those who need care or offer care;

those who feel lost

without those they have loved the most.


Lord of Creation,

may we all grow in understanding

that as we grow closer to You,

we may bear the fruits

that tell of You

in all we seek to do in Christ’s name.



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