Sunday 29th July 2012 – Pentecost 9B (3)

Generous God,

Your love and care for Your creation

is laid out

with the dawn of each new day.

In the stories that are told and shared;

in the adventures that are to be experienced;

as food and drink

fill the emptiness

and quench the thirst,

Your desire to be a present being,

shaping and forming life,

is offered.


In worship and relationships

You lay before us

the human need to live in companionship,

and Your hope

that our lives might be shaped

by the encounters and experiences

we have of meeting new people

and sharing with those we know well.

Alone we may feel empty and in need of reassurance,

but in the midst of the crowd

You feed us with knowledge

of how faith calls us to serve You

in new ways.

You teach us

that standing alone

and being part of the crowd

are both important experiences.

For in the crowd

we are built up

in all we share of knowing Jesus.

While alone

we listen to Your voice

and the hopes You have for us.


But standing alone,

or in the midst of the crowd,

can also call our attention away from You.



we can become focussed on our own wants and ambitions,

and become selfish

in the time we want for ourselves.

In the midst of the crowd,

we get caught us

in being like others,

and listening to the voices

that lead us away from You;

we can be afraid to hold our own opinion,

afraid to speak of Your love in difficult situations.


With Your forgiveness

may we hold our solitude and fellowship

in balance.

May we use both to shape our lives\with Your love and hope

that others might

meet You in the shared conversations

and in the silence of their own company

be assured of the Holy Spirit with them.


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