Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Pentecost 14B (5)

God of blessing,

Our lives are blessed

in many ways

as we enjoy the comforts and luxuries

we take for granted.

You have blessed us with relationships,

and we enjoy the myriad of possibilities

to engage with others,

meeting You in the unexpected conversations

and exchanges.

We are blessed with education

offering skills not just for our own use

but for the enhancement and advancement

of our world.

You encourage us to be blessed by hope,

that even when we think

there are no other options,

with You there is a new adventure

to long for and be inspired by.


Gracious God,

You have blessed us words and the gift of language.

There is great beauty to be found in words

as we marvel at all that can be said

to express our own lives,

the life of the world,

and the Divine presence.

You call us to more than words,

to explore our faith in action

that others might be met with Your Good News.


Here in Church,

and in our church groups,

we use words and language

that we hope allow us to express

what it is we love of You,

and what You hope to find within human life.

We value the Scripture

and our hymns,

and sometimes we forget that words can be excluding.

May we find many words

to speak of You.

Help us to open up Your story

so that others might feel they belong

and play their part in Your kingdom being present on earth.


In whatever world we inhabit,

we are conscious that professions use particular words,

and add meaning to them.

There are those who feel battered

by the weight of legal words,

as the communities they are part of

find little compassion or hope

in the lives they are to live.

In a world where tough choices are to be made,

help those who form governments

and make laws

to shape communities

where all feel they have a place and are valued.


As adults

and those who have wealth,

the words and the way we use them

bring power and responsibility.

We may not think that what we say or do matters,

but the choices we make

affect the vulnerable of all kinds of community.

May we take our faith to heart

and allow the words of Christ’s story

to challenge our decisions,

that in our living our of the Gospel,

our communities are raised to new beginnings

shaped for justice.


Christ’s words

offered justice, respect and hope.

They also touched lives with compassion.

With words people were healed

and restored to life

and to those they loved.

Enable us to speak words of compassion.

Where we encounter the lost, lonely and bereaved,

may our words welcome them to God’s love.

As we wipe the tears of the sad and the dying,

may all we say

point to the presence of God.


In our faith,

may we never doubt the power of the words

Christ offered,

and may we choose to live them every day.



Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Pentecost 14B (4)

Lord of all life,

With thanksgiving we make our offering this morning,

remembering the

events of this week and more

that have cause our hearts to sing

as we have acknowledged You within our lives.

What we give today

come from all that we have been given by You,

and is given in the knowledge

that our commitment to You

is more than this moment.

Instead we seek to be “doers of Your Word”,

living out by prayer and example

the story of Your love

in Jesus Christ,


Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Pentecost 14B (3)

Wise and loving Lord,

You are part of human life

as You strive to ensure

that all may live in harmony.

You are in the laws and teachings

that speak of respect and dignity,

and that invite us to here

of others ways to co-exist.

You are the goodness

stored within all that feeds us

and quenches our thirst,

giving us the energy and desire

to face the breaking in

of Your Kingdom.


In Jesus Christ,

we have been offered an example

of how to place

the Love of God

at the centre of our lives

that we might be changed and shaped

to better serve God.

In You Jesus,

we are taught

that appearance does not matter,

but instead how we greet and are greeted.

We have heard

Your compassion

heal the hurts, wounds and anger

that can separate people

from one another.


Holy Spirit,

as you urge us to be faithful

we remember how we have failed.

Our words to not always

gift Your life to others.

Instead we have been hurt

by the words of others

and feel bowed down

by the misconceptions and misgivings of others.

We wound with words,

undermining confidence and ambition,

leaving others bereft

of the gifts You have offered.




Our Lord is a God of compassion and good things.

We hear Your voice

calling us from our old ways

of life

and urging us to take up Your invitation

to live as Your people,

allowing Christ’s story to shape us,

and the Holy Spirit to lead us.


Sunday 2nd September 2012 – Pentecost 14B (2)

The Lord invites is

to live within His sanctuary,

that we may learn new ways

to shape our habits.

He calls us to be blameless

and to search for what is right.

He teaches us respect,

so our tongues do not get carried away

and harm others with words,

or proudly boast of our achievements.


The Lord’s invitation is never withdrawn

and instead His words of love repeated

for all to hear anew.


Sunday 26th August 2012 – Pentecost 13B (5)

Mighty God,

You are present in all our troubles,

bringing hope and strength to our lives.

You are to be praised

for enabling us to stand against

our fears and our doubts,

as we place our trust in You

and find new confidence

to live as Christ’s people.


As we remember those times

when we have been assured

that You have not abandoned or forsaken us,

we think of the situations of our world

where our prayers are needed

as we learn to never forsake

the desire for You

to be part of every part of our lives.


War has long since left our shores,

yet across our world

there are those who still live in the midst of war

or find themselves waiting for those

who are called on to fight.

We think of the continuing situation in Syria

as government and rebels battle,

and civillians try to live their lives as best they can.

We remember the families of soldiers

of every warring force,

who wait anxiously for news

that their loved one has not been harmed.


War is not something that just happens on a battlefield,

and so there are those within governments

who fight to ensure their voice is heard loudest.

May those who lead our communities

have the grace

to place the voices of those who are usually ignored

to the fore,

that the plans of government

may better reflect the values of a whole community.


Within hearts

war is waged

as emotions threaten to overwhelm.

We remember those who are angry

for right and wrong reasons-

those who feel they have been ignored,

and that their opinion does not matter;

those who anger is righteous

as they respond to the cares and concerns

that the Gospel raises within them.

We remember those who hurt –

the bereaved;

those in physical pain or mental torment;

those embittered by memories.

We remember those who are sad,

and those who are lonely.


Lord help us to wage war

on injustice

in prayer and with action that portrays You good news,

so that Christ’s presence in all life

bestows hope, salvation and love.



Sunday 26th August 2012 – Pentecost 13B (4)

God of all generations,

We are drawn to this place

to offer ourselves

to your service.

You have inspired within us

a desire to worship,

to find a place where

we can spend time with You,

and then empowered by the Holy Spirit

take the story of Jesus Christ into the world.

Where we feel words and actions

can never offer all we know of You,

may what we give from our lives

offer a sign of our commitment to be Your people

following Christ’s story.