Sunday 4th November 2012 – All Saints’/Pentecost 23B

Guide us Lord,

As we face each day,

so that we might place our love of You

into the way we live our lives.

May our mouths sing Your praise,

and our activity tell Christ’s story,

in all ways.



Sunday 28th October 2012 – Pentecost 22B (5)

Loving Lord,

With eyes of faith

we have looked upon our world

and discovered the beauty and passion

that lies in extraordinary people and places.

With praise

we look at the wonders of our world

that You have issued the invitation to view.

With thanks,

we realise how You have challenged

to live as those

who are following the way of Christ.


Son of David,

Open the eyes of the world

and turn us from the blindness

that obscures the suffering of the world.

Give us a clear vision of injustice and oppression,

and challenge us to lift or share the weight

of those who carry the burden.

Give us a clear vision of those who are hungry and homeless,

and stir us to action

as we offer food and shelter.

Give us a clear vision of violence and torture

and shatter the screens of credibility

that allow those who cause harm to hide

and those who are hurt to be ignored.


Son of David,

Open the eyes of the world

and turn us from our blindness

that ignores the needs of our neighbours.

Where there is loneliness or anxiety;

illness or depression;

bereavement or loss,

may Your Holy Spirit offer the compassion and assurance

that leads people to be restored

to the communities from which they have withdrawn.

May the hurts that keep people from each other

be tended

with the tender reminders of being precious to God and others,

in the calling of a name.


Son of David,

Open the eyes of the world

and turn us form our blindness

that keeps us from visions of Your promises

to Your people.

As those who love Your church,

Your creation,

and Your story,

may we be willing to view

all that lies around us

through the faith and hopes of others.

Enable us to discover

that we are not the only holders of Your truth and story,

but instead

that You ask us to listen for You

in the words of Your Good News

spoken by others,

and to view You in the activity of the Holy Spirit

in the actions of others.

Where we are uncertain,

give us courage to step out in faith

and discover the beauty of Your love

in something new and unexpected.


Son of David,

Open the eyes of the world

and turn us from our blindness

that in faith

we may be restored to You,

in Christ’s name.


Sunday 28th October 2012 – Pentecost 22B (3)

Lord of laughter,

The dancing nature of Your Spirit

can tickle human imagination,

as tricks of the light

make the ordinary

into something very special.

You take our breath away

as in the midst of the pouring rain

You suddenly through a rainbow through the sky,

creating a picture of delight,

and of hope.

As the evening light begins to dwindle

the chill of rooms and streets

is warmed by the light

that guides us home.

The ordinariness of each day,

the plainness of our lives,

is transformed

each time You step in

and offer sight and insight.


In our faith,

we are offered new sight

when we allow ourselves to be guided

along the path of Christ

as the good news pours into our understanding

of ourselves and the world around us.


It is not always easy

to live as those who have our eyes wide open,

willing to let what we know of Your love

adapt our vision of all that lies around us.

We are blind to our own flaws,

and the harm they cause other people.

We are blind to the needs of those


We are blind to the world beyond our front door,

preferring to ignore

what we do not understand or know.

In prayer we seek Your forgiveness

for all to which we close our eyes.




Healing Lord,

With forgiveness You open our eyes

and remind us of our faith in You.

With that faith You invite us again to follow,

that we might journey on Christ’s path.


Sunday 21st October 2012 – Pentecost 21B (5)

I’m sorry its short but I am on holiday.


Gracious God,

We thank You for ordinary people.

The kind of people who just get on with the task of serving You

and never ask You to notice.

We praise You for the hidden servants

who are only noticed after they are gone,

because no-one does the small but valuable tasks.

May Your Spirit encourage us to learn a little

of the small quiet ways of those who mark our lives with kindness.