Sunday 7th October 2012 – Pentecost 19B (3)

Sovereign Lord,

You name rings in hearts, imaginations and voice

as the creation recognises Your presence and care.

You have set the stars in the heavens

and the corals in the deepest oceans.

In the words of children

You offer wisdom

that is not always welcomed or acknowledged.


Creator of the Heavens

You are ever at work

in the detail of the universe,

and to our amazement

we discover that You are ever at work

in ordinary lives.

In the complexity of all that surrounds,

Your presence is felt

in the simplicity of our relationships with others

and with the creation.

For You are in the whisper

that offers encouragement;

You are in the squeeze

that offers reassurance;

You are in the tears

that shares the sorrow;

and You are in the shout

that shares excitement and hope.


Shaper of Creation,

how often we grow bored

with thoughts that take us beyond ourselves.

Our self-interest sometimes overwhelms

the compassion and care invited of us.

Our ignorance of situations prevents us

from engaging fully in personal and community relationships.

At other times

we focus beyond ourselves

in the hope that others may not uncover

out faults and transgressions.




Compassionate God,

In Your love You have declared Your interest

in the highest star,

the darkest corner,

and the intimacy of our lives.

May we know we are forgiven

as Your Spirit invites us

to worship You in the lives we live

shaped by the Gospel of Christ.



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