Sunday 7th October 2012 – Pentecost 19B (5)

Lord of the spinning world,

You are to be praised as the sun rises and sets,

and the earth turns to Your time.

You are to be praised as waters refresh plants, skin and thirst.

We thank You for the turn our lives take

each new morning:

for the family and friends

who remind us of Your constancy;

for the strangers

who disturb the easy transit

and remind us of Jesus’s desire

to love those who have been ignored.


As this day turns from morning

to the afternoon and then to evening,

our thoughts turn to gaze upon Your world

that our prayers may give voice

to the concerns of justice, love and hope

that You call to our attention.


We pray for the changing nature of relationships.

We pray for friendships we hold

and those we’ve yet to make,

for the people who sustain and encourage us,

and for those we find difficult.

We think of those

who have recently made marriage vows,

and those who celebrate anniversaries.

Friendship and relationships are not always easy

for You have made us a diverse group of people,

and so we remember those

who find it hard to make friends,

those who feel betrayed by those they love.

In Your mercy,

may all find You offering reminders of love.


We pray for the changing nature of politics.

In each of our homes and personal bubbles

it can be easy to think

that if we are doing okay

then so are those around us.

Teach us to look beyond ourselves

and recognise the needs of our communities and our world

so that we might be empassioned

in our desire to shape our world to reflect heavenly values.

May those who seek to serve

the people,

discover listening ears

that their activity might create communities

where all are valued.


We pray for the changing nature of the church,

for as human beings we prefer constancy.

As our world hurries by,

and all that surrounds us reflects each new generation,

may we as Your people

seek to place the hopes and ideals of Your love shown in Jesus Christ

at the centre of our life and worship.

Enable us to love the traditions

that take us to the deep understanding of Your presence through all time.

Help us to trust

that as the season of creation and our life change,

You call us to transformation

so that we might offer fresh images of You

present in each moment.


Lord of the turning world,

We remember those who have touched our lives,

and encouraged us

to turn around to hear and know Your voice

in the sharing of their faith and the stories of Your Son.



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