Sunday 14th October 2012 – Pentecost 20B (3)

Ever-present Lord,

From the beginning of time

you have been at work,

pushing back the overwhelming waters

to make a world

where every living thing

can make a home and grow.

With Your fire of justice,

you scorch through the places

where heavenly values are ignored,

and with overwhelming waters

You cleanse hearts and minds,

lands and deserts

that all might respond to Your care and attention

and grow in knowledge of Your love for the world.


With lightening bolts in time

You have burst into our world,

that we might encounter You

and turn our hearts over

to Your care.

Through the story and life of Christ

the ways of our world are challenged.

We are invited to see people and places through Your eyes

and discover

that You value all that might be ignored.

Your Spirit turned the lives of those closest

to Jesus over,

as they were transformed from bystanders

to bearers of Your love.

That same Spirit

topples over all that we would value

that we too might be those

who bear the Gospel in the world.


Searching Lord,

You have spent time within our hearts

and at times encountered out laments

at all we feel the world has failed to offer us.

Frustrated with our lot,

we ignore the needs of those around us.

We forget the poor,

when our own wallets and purses seem a little empty.

We keep food and water for ourselves,

even when greater need presents itself.

We blame others for mistakes,

when we are far from perfect.




Lord of forgiveness,

with grace You offer us a new beginning.

Through the words of our lamenting

You inspire us to seek all that is good

that Your kingdom might be built

within our hearts

and in the lives of those

who call out to You for Christ’s justice

to be established in our time.



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