Sunday 21st October 2012 – Pentecost 21B (3)

You have invited us to live

in the shelter of Your wings,

Most High Lord.

You are the giver of protection,

and the rescuer from harm.

It is Your light

that shines into the darkest corners of our lives,

and drives away

the fears that keep us from You.

It is Your love

that warms the chills that leave us shuddering

and wraps around us

offering comfort and hope.

As we shelter in Your embrace,

help us to recognise

that we are those who hurt and harm others.

Forgive us our selfish nature and desire

that would have us put our own desires and wants

above the needs of others.

We remember those times

when we have failed to recognise

the abilities and talents of another,

because we believe that we know best.


Because You love us Lord,

we find ourselves forgiven.

May our whole lives be shaped

to offer You honour and praise,

as we recognise the presence of Christ

in the actions of the world around.



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