Sunday 21st October 2012 – Pentecost 21B

I’m not preaching this week, but instead enjoying a holiday.   I’m not sure that emptying boxes and finding homes for their contents constitutes a real holiday, but it will be good to have the Manse the way it should be before throwing myself headlong into a season of remembering and then the advent of Advent.   However in the meantime I thought I would have a wee nosey at what I might have preached and will leave something here for those who might be interested.   They may be less than helpful, as they don’t come with the usual Biblical research that happens when working on a full service.

Shepherding God,

When the world distracts

and leads us to love its ways,

Your voice is to be heard

calling us back to Your path.

When the pains and sorrows

of all that surrounds us weighs us down,

You lift our burden.

May we be willing to have wounds healed

and walk in Your light.



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