Sunday 4th November 2012 – All Saints’/Pentecost 23B (3)

Lord our God,

You are our God alone,

who lives within our hearts and souls

and minds,

and yet stirs in the breeze around

or refreshes with the mist of rain

or quenching of thirst.

Your voice has been found in

the stories and whispers

of those who have loved us and encouraged us

as we have grown to faith.

You have inspired

the saints who have touched our lives,

or who have formed Your church communities

to share what they know of You in word and action,

that Your love might spread

from the confines of a page

into everyday life.

Our encounters with Your son Jesus

are not confined

to the telling of tales,

instead we know Christ

as alive amongst us,


we hear him

as he speaks tenderly

to heal, encourage or admonish;

we see him

as he meets us

in the actions of others

offering care or inspiration;

we walk with him

as he leads us to new situations

to offer his presence

or confronts us with the familiar

of which we have grown tired.

How easily we grow tired of the familiar.

We do not always treasure

or acknowledge the importance

of our routines and rituals.

Forgive us the cruel ways

in which we hurt those

of have offered Your love,

and who we have see as old-fashioned or out of touch.

Forgive us for our thoughtless actions

that do not offer

an encounter with You

to those who feel lost to their communities.


Loving God,

May we live as those

who have placed You at the heart of our lives.

May Your healing Spirit

transform our thoughts, words and actions

so that we might offer Christ

present in our lives.



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