Sunday 18th November 2012 – Pentecost 25B (3)

Lord of all times and season,

You are to be praised

in the rhythm of the turning earth

and in the beat of life

as creation moves from youth

through passing ages.

You are to be worshipped

in the voices of those

who have told us of Your promise

and offered examples of living in faith

for those who have known them.

You are to be adored

in the promise of what tomorrow may bring

as the hope of all that could be

is laid before us.


Disturbing us with Your Holy Spirit

You do not allow us to settle with what is familiar.

Instead You disturb us

so that Your creation may become

all that You long for it to be.


Lord of all,

our lives can become crowded

as distractions fill our hearts and minds

drawing our attention from You.

Forgive for the things we say and do

that hurt You and other people.




With forgiveness

you draw us closer to You

and offer us new ways in which

to love and serve You.

Enable our lives

to reflect You

that we may bring joy to Your heart

in Christ’s name.



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