Sunday 25th November 2012 – Reign of Christ the King B (3)

Majestic Lord,

You rule in highest heaven,

and walk amidst Your creation.

The night sky is Your purple robe,

and the stars the twinkling duals

that display the breadth of You care

and the markers of hope You place in human life.

From Your fiery throne

You offer wisdom

in the changing seasons

and the guiding of life;

with justice

You defend the weak

and lift the lowly and humble

that all may marvel

at the demonstration

of Your presence in their lives.


Merciful Lord,

in the presence of You might and care

we acknowledge our faults and failings.

In what we say and do,

and sometimes even thought

we shame ourselves,

sadden you

and hurt others.

We leave unsaid and undone

many things that would have brought joy to others

and to You,

not recognising Your Spirit

urging us to offer healing and care

in our activities.


Lord in Your mercy,

may we know Your forgiveness.




Lord of life,

with forgiveness You offer us all

a brand new day

of opportunity

to share Christ in the lives we lead.


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