Sunday 25th November 2012 – Reign of Christ the King B – (5)

King of kings and Lord of Lords,

With thanksgiving

we enthrone You in our lives,

for we acknowledge You loving presence

that endures in our lives

at all times and in many places.

In this regal situation

we give thanks

for those who have inspired

Christian faith,

in the past and in this present day.

We praise You for Your influence

in the life of St Serf

as he told stories of Jesus

in the shadows of the Ochils.

We praise You for St Margaret

as she inspired generations

in their worship of You in this place.

We praise You

for others known to us

who have made You Lord of their lives

and then shared that knowledge

in the way they lived.


This world is a world

where the truth of love

ruling over life is lost

in the values that put self or one group of people

before the greater needs of the world.

People are ruled by values

that exclude hope.


We think of the places where terror reigns,

instead of love and grave.

We think of families caught in the chaos

of domestic violence.

Nations torn apart by war.

Streets where violence stalks young people.

May Christ’s love

find ways to rule across

the boundaries of terror,

and bring hope and light and love.


We remember people and places

ruled by sorrow.

We think of those

trapped in cycles of grief

as they miss the love of their life.

Those who bear the weight illness,

and those pressed down by doubt and guilt.

May Christ’s hands

grasp the burdens of life

and carry compassion and opportunity

into vision.


King of kings and Lord of lords,

May you reign in all hearts,

bringing the assurance

that faith, hope, forgiveness and love

surround us at all times,

and with the stirring of the Holy Spirit

transform all life,

in Christ’s name.


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