Sunday 2nd December 2012 – Advent 1C (3)


God who is with us,

with excitement and anticipation we gather

as we wait for Your presence

to be birthed in humility

amongst us.

Hurrying towards the celebration

in this time of Advent

You remind Your people

of the importance of preparation and waiting.

In the weeks ahead

we might think of

all the presents that are to be bought and wrapped;

the decorations that are to be hung;

the cards to be written

and the food to be made.

Your word will encourage us

to prepare our hearts and minds

for the presence of Your love amongst us.

With hope,

You remind that You are already

in the midst of human life.

With peace,

You smooth the anger and antipathy.

In joy,

You are part of our early celebrations

and in love

You touch hearts

not willing to listen to others.


God who is with us,

as we look for the signs of Your presence

we are not always willing

to recognise You

in the faces, words and hands of others.


When we are dismissive of others

because we feel uncomfortable

or to not agree with others,

may we know Your forgiveness

as it invites us to open our ears and eyes.

As we walk past those

who do not live as we would live,

and ignore those who choose alternative lives to ours,

forgive us

and make us willing to meet You in unusual ways.


God with us,

may Your forgiveness enable us

to see your Kingdom

in the ordinary and the extraordinary of life.



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