Sunday 2nd December 2012 – Advent 1C (5)

Adventing Emmanuel,

signs of Your kingdom are all around,

in the twinkling stars and glowing moon

and in the dazzling sunshine and refreshing rain,

The ever changing nature of our understanding of You

is demonstrated in the birth of spring,

the growth of summer,

the fruits of harvest,

and the chill of winter.

We give You thanks

as we recognise the times

when You have made Yourself known

in the passing seasons of creation,

and in the changing season of relationships with others.


God of preparation

we pray for those

who are apprehensive of the future.

For soon to be parents

who are uncertain of how a new life

might change their lives.

For those beginning new jobs

as they wonder what will be expected of them.

For those moving to new homes

who will form new relationships

within their communities.

For the bereaved

as the return to tasks and friendships

that were once shared.


God of hope,

we remember those

who feel that their lives are hopeless.

For those who are not sure

when the next meal will be laid upon the table,

or are not sure where they will spend the night.

For those imprisoned

by circumstance

or reality.


God of anticipation

we pray for governments

and leaders

as they make plans

that offer signs of Your kingdom in our midst.

Bring forth a time

when all people may experience

an end of the tyrannies of the world,

and instead live assured that Your justice

brings a new peace to the world.


God with us,

may we welcome You

in the friendships and kindness

we encounter

and share You

in the compassion we offer in Christ’s name.



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