Sunday 16th December 2012 – Advent 3C

The next few weeks may be a little light compared to the past year.   Tonight’s excuse is that I’m not preaching this week, and only contributing to the first part of the service.   I’m also not long out of bed, having tried to shake off a cold that has gone straight for the throat.   Just as well I’m not preaching then!

So this week I’m offering a Call to Worship and an Opening Prayer.   Hopefully they will offer inspiration to others.


Sing and shout aloud,

be glad and rejoice with all you heart,

for the Lord our God is in our midst.

We should not fear

the worries and woes

that weigh upon our lives,

for the Lord delights in who we are

and what we might be as He fills us with His love.

The Lord rejoices as He lifts our burdens

and shares our sorrows.

For in His time

He will gather us in His embrace

and restore us to His heart.


Let us worship God



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