Sunday 30th December – Christmas 1C (2)

Lord of all celebrations,

You invited the world

to be present at Your birth

into human existence.

With choirs of angels

and dazzling skies,

you announced Your presence

in the midst of Your creation.

With signals to shepherds and wise men

You declared Your intention

to be a God for all people.

As a baby in a manger

You challenge the notions

of the world,

of who is important

and who can be trusted.


Lord, we gather placing our trust in You,

knowing You

as someone who welcomes all,

even when the world would turn its back

and ignore.


May we know Your love and forgiveness

in those times

when we have put trust in the wrong places

and listened to other voices;

when we have ignored those

who needed to be offered a helping hand

and a place of trust.




Child in the manger,

You welcome us back to our innocence

that we might always remember that we are children of God

in need of Your love and forgiveness.




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