Sunday 3rd February 2013 – Epiphany 4C (2)

Before we were formed in the womb,

before we were even born,

God had claimed us as His children.

And as He named us

He offered the assurance of His presence

in all that we would be invited to

in His name.


He reaches into our fears

and touches our mouths

that all we sing, say and do

will offer praise of Him.



Sunday 3rd February 2013 – Epiphany 4C

God who finds a home within human love

and yet who expands our understanding of love,

in the embrace of worship You reassure Your people of their worth.

In our encounters with You and with each other,

we learn how to build and encourage.

Give us wisdom in our living,

so that in love we might better offer Your presence in our words and actions.



Sunday 27th January 2013 – Epiphany 3C (4)

Lord of the highest heavens,

the hottest deserts,

You are the shelter from the heat

and the light that guides journeys of passage and spirit.

In Your presence

we seek

a sacred place that offers

comfort for our sadness,

strength for our weaknesses,

and celebration of our joy and accomplishments.


Drawn to spend time with You,

these moments offer time

to focus attention on all we have met of You this passing week,

and all that opens before us

to think about and ponder over.

Your word

will prompt thought and imagination,

and even move to action.


In our inaction and thoughtlessness

we know that we do not offer signs

of Your word.

Ignoring the passion of the story

we fail to respond to the call of Your Spirit

to reach out to those in Christ’s name

who need assured of Your love.

Cynically we shirk away from the enthusiasm

to be Your servants in this world.

Lord, forgive us

for believing that we are too busy, or too tired, or too distressed

to be able to offer a little of ourselves

in serving You.




May we know Your blessing Lord

when we cast aside our doubts

and instead respond to You in hope,

so that no matter what others might say or do,

to us all that will matter

is responding to Your love.



Sunday 27th January 2014 – Epiphany 3C (3)

Lord of the heavens,

in the life of Jesus

You reminded Your creation

of Your presence, responsibility and care

of all that You have made.

His words and actions

brought good news to the poor,

freedom to prisoners,

sight to the blind and release to the oppressed.

Through His Spirit,

You continue in Your activity

of turning what is secure and familiar over

so that those on the margins of life

might be embraced within Your care.

In all we give

we seek to play our part

knowing that at times

what we are invited to give

may feel uncomfortable

and yet trusting Your purpose

found in the story of Christ.



Sunday 27th January – Epiphany 3C (2)

The heavens declare the glory of God,

and through the day and night

knowledge and understanding

of who He is offered,

even when no words are spoken.

Sheltering under His canopy

and guided by the eternal laws

laid upon and within our hearts,

God guides us to be open in our encounters

and willing to learn from the experiences of others.

Creatively He disturbs

what we know and understand

to build a community where all are

known and loved.

Sunday 20th January 2013 – Epiphany 2C (5)

Gracious God,

In this our corner of the world we are ever aware

of the abundance that we can enjoy.

We do not always

appreciate the ways in which life overflows for us.

So today we take time

to thank you for the generosity

we experience

as we enjoy a wide variety of different foods.

We praise you for the wealth of human experience

we gain in our relationships and friendships,

and for the way in which Your Holy Spirit moulds and shapes us

as we encounter your living presence in other people.

We thank you

for the opportunities

we enjoy to feed our imaginations

and to expand our lifestyles:

So we thank you for the gifts of reading and writing,

our enjoyment of drama,

of sport and arts and crafts.

And we praise You for the quiet moments,

the times when we share time with you alone.


Loving God,

we bring to you in prayer

those whose resources are running out:

we remember the poor and the hungry,

those who are caught in the struggle for justice,

countries and people burdened with large amounts of debt.

May Your will be done,

as You call us to change our ways

and use the abundance we have been given

to share with others.


We remember those

who feel that their resources for living are running low,

and think of those who are ill or less able,

as they find the basic movement each day a struggle.

We think of the sorrowful and the despairing,

as they mourn loved ones,

or grieve for unresolved situations.

In this time of recession

we know there are those

who feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed

by their working lives,

financial situations,

and family commitments.

May your will be done

as You call us to change how we live,

that we do not make unnecessary demands upon others

and instead offer them

time and care in the way they live.


Loving God,

we come as Your church

hoping to bathe in the abundance of Your Spirit

so that we may live as those willing to use Your resources

in our daily living.

With the faith and courage You offer,

make us bold in the ways in which we make You known.

With wisdom and love,

help to listen and learn from the experiences of others

and be open-heated in how we care.

May Your will be done

as You call us

to make use of the gifts of Your Holy Spirit

as they equip us

for our walk with Jesus Christ.