Sunday 6th January 2013 – Epiphany C (3)

Christ, our Light,

You arise in our lives

to transform the darkest corners

of all that keeps us form You.

Nations and Kings,

sons and daughters

are drawn to the dazzling brightness

of the new beginning

gifted in Your presence.

Your heart swells with joy

as the stranger and the outcast

find their place

within Your glorious rays.

In wonder and amazement

those who grasp at meaning and understanding

in their lives

praise You

as they proclaim the wealth and promise

they discover

in their journeys to and with You.


Journeying to new knowledge and encounter

is full of excitement and hope,

and can also be a time of struggle and difficulty.

The scenery on route

and distractions of other people

can take our minds and thoughts away

from the discoveries You had hoped

we would make.

Choosing our own path

the choices we make

can lack good judgement, perception

and a willingness to live alongside others.


Lord of wisdom,

forgive us for our folly

in choosing our own path

and failing to think of others.




God of warmth and forgiveness,

Your light shines into our hearts

transforming them

to serve You,

and in the changes You will make

we will discover new ways of being loved by You

and of sharing love

as we share our faith in the lives we lead.



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