Sunday 13th January 2013 – Epiphany 1C/ Baptism of Christ (3)

Holy Lord,

Whose voice thunders in creation,

and whispers in the breeze,

You call to all You have made

that all living creatures

might draw close to Your waters

for sustenance and refreshment.

Surprisingly we find

You calling our names,

and shaking us from our antipathy and sloth

You lead us to enthrone You in our lives

that Your presence strengthens

and blesses Your people with peace.



who has formed us,

know our failings and flaws.

Preferring the easy road,

we hide from Your burning presence

afraid that You might

take us in directions

that will ask more of us

than we believe we can offer.

Valuing our own skills and expertise,

we ignore

those that You call to our attention

for the gifts they offer

or the needs

to which they ask us to address.




God of glory,

in Your love

You call us from the corners

we hide in,

reminding us

that in Your eyes we are precious

and while we may struggle to believe,

You forgive us all we have failed to be and do.

May the hope You inspire within us,

lead us from the waters of life

that have threatened to overwhelm us

to the blazing path

Christ lays before us.



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