Sunday 20th January 2013 – Epiphany 2C (3)

Bridegroom of heaven,

who delights in beauty of the earth,

You do not forsake Your creation,

but instead rejoice

in the signs of the kingdom

that happen in ordinary life.

Extravagant in Your love and care of all people

Your call is to hope and live

beyond all human expectations.

Crowning creation with an abundance

of grace and mercy,

You are at work in transforming relationships

so that all feel that they are guests

at Your table,

welcome to dine

on the meal You have laid out.


Everything You have given us

comes from the wealth of Your goodness,

It can feed our every need.

Sometimes despite Your welcome

we find what You have to offer

difficult to chew over,

or to welcome in our lives.

The sights You draw our eyes to notice

can be things we would prefer to ignore,

as we struggle to know how to respond

to the needs of those who feel unwelcome

in their homes.

The sounds that fill our ears

disturb us

when the cries of the hungry and poor

disturb the comfortable lives we lead.

Our arms are filled

with possessions and gifts

that speak of our wealth,

and unwillingness to share.




Lord of abundant life,

in Your forgiveness

enable us to discover that we have more

than we can ever need

and so be guided by Your Spirit

to share from our wealth.


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