Sunday 3rd March 2013 – Lent 3C

O God, you are my God,

and in this place I seek you, hoping to be nourished.

When my activities overwhelm the space for You,

may I listen to the longing within that seeks a sanctuary.

In the praises I offer

may Your love pour forth for others to encounter.




Sunday 24th February 2013 – Lent 2C (5)

Almighty God,

who have offered a place to shelter

when the world would overwhelm us,

you have taught us not to be afraid

but to take heart and courage

for all that You have given us in the life of Jesus Christ.

In these days of Lent

we thank You for the dry desert path

that we will walk

as we try to understand

the challenging nature

of what we find within the Gospels.


In the parched lands of our world

we pray for those

who hope to bring the freshness of Your promises

so that our world can be transformed.

We pray for those who feel that they have lost hope,

and those who seek after faith.

May we as members of Your church

discover and understand the varying needs of our world

and respond in ways

that offer a clear demonstration

of Your living presence

in the world today.


We pray for those

who seek to silence the church

and people of faith.

We remember those who do not have the freedom

to think and worship as we do,

and whose lives are lived in fear each time they speak of Christ

or worship in groups together.

Where we have the option to speak,

may we respond to those

who undervalue what we say and offer,

and speak out against

the injustices of the world.

May your church challenge persecution

and place the values of freedom of speech

and peace for the world

in the midst of those

who value only their own opinions and thoughts.


We pray for the difficult choices

with which the nations of the world wrestle.

As governments seek to balance budgets

and control finances,

may the measures used

listen to the voices

that point to the gap between rich and poor.

In building new structures of democracy

may leaders offer signs of Christ’s embrace,

where all are assured of their value and worth.


We pray for those who are unwell,

in need,

or who face other difficulties.

May they know Your presence in their lives

as Your love surrounds and comforts them,

offering Your blessing.


Sunday 24th February 2013 – Lent 2C (4)


whose love brings light and salvation

to our lives,

we give You thanks

for the many ways

in which we are inspired

by Your Holy Spirit

to live lives

that offer a reflection of Christ.

In what we bring and offer

from our work and talents,

may others know and discover

Your love and hope

and through their new knowledge

may our world

grow towards offering a vision of heaven.



Sunday 24th February 2013 – Lent 2C (3)

Lord of Light and God of our salvation,

in You there is courage and strength

to face the trials and worries

of the world.

With Your beauty and grace

the ugliness and frustrations

of daily living

and of relationships

are transformed

so that your heavenly dwelling

is more than a hope and an ambition

but instead an ever present promise

in the world that is to be created in Christ’s name.


Your light shines into the darkness,

not just of the world,

but of our lives

and there we take notice

of all those times

when we have failed to live as those

whose lives belong to God.

We are sorry

for the troubles that we bring to others lives.

We remember our greed,

and our wants,

and our unwillingness to share.

We remember our desire to be loved and valued,

and yet notice the times

when we have failed to care for our neighbours.

We seek Your protection

and yet are not always willing

to be within Your dwelling place.

We hope for peace in our own lives,

and yet bring chaos and unrest to the lives of others.

Lord in Your mercy,

may we know Your forgiveness.




Loving God,

who seeks to save us from ourselves,

may we know Your forgiveness

as Your love works within our hearts and minds

to make us the people

You invite us to become in Christ’s name.


Sunday 24th March 2013 – Lent 2C (2)

The Lord is our light,

scattering the darkness of our fears.

The Lord is our strength

and with Him there is nothing to fear.

When the overwhelming weight

of cares and worries,

and the thoughts of other people

are laid upon our lives,

our confidence in the Lord

casts them aside.


We come

to find the beauty of God

that we lose sight of

when our hearts and minds are troubled.

Hiding within the shelter

of holy walls,

we seek the Lord’s presence

to shine into our lives.

He does not turn away from us,

for with gently words

He teaches what is right and good

so that His strength might

inspire our living.