Sunday 10th February 2013 – Transfiguration C (3)

Holy Lord of highest heaven,

lifted high in praise

by those who know and love You,

and those who wonder at Your work

amongst the creation.

The immensity of all You are

is to be explored

and encountered

in our worship, prayers and relationships.

In every encounter with You

knowledge is gained

and yet

there is always more to gaze upon,

and return to with imagination and reverence.


Lifting the veil of all that keeps us from knowledge of You

Your Holy Spirit

weaves and entwines

in the relationships with have with each other and creation

so that we might glimpse Your presence

and be transformed

by what we see and hear

so that we too offer

Your light in the things

we seek to do in Christ’s name.



forgive us for the barriers

we place between ourselves and others.

Veiled in our selfishness

we do not always respond to the needs of others

or act in their interest.

Veiled in confusion

we misunderstand what we discover of You

within Scripture and in life

and do not allow it to transform our living.

Veiled in our inability to trust

living by faith is challenging,

as we shy away from risk

preferring to conform to the ways

of others around us.




Holy Lord,

in the life of Christ

You remove the veil

that keeps us from knowing You.

In Your forgiveness,

may the veil of the past be lifted

so that we might walk in the light

that Jesus displays before us.


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