Sunday 31st March 2013 – Easter C (2)

God of the empty tomb,

we ran to meet You this morning,

and find You dancing ahead leading the creation

to the hope of new life found in You.

May Your presence in our lives surprise us

as we offer all that we are, might be and have been given

in service of our Risen Lord.



Sunday 31st March – Easter C

Tomorrow morning I will probably write the prayer that goes on the front of our order of service. In the meantime the only other new prayer I intend to write and post this week is an offertory prayer. Hopefully I will get to that by Saturday morning, but like many of my colleagues this week is fairly full on with extra worship and the ordinary tasks of being a parish minister.

For the rest of my prayers I plan to use these :-

I plan to adapt one or two slightly to make them more acceptable to a traditional Sunday congregation.

It may not be hard to guess why I plan to use them…

Sunday 24th March 2013 – Palm/Passion Sunday C (4)

Lord of conversation,

in the prayers of life

we are drawn into a dialogue with You

as You encourage us

to root our knowledge of Your world

in the understanding of Your love.

Prayer foes not come easy to us all,

and so we thank You

for those who have made space

in their lives

to support and nourish the life of the church

and of individuals

as they build a relationship

of conversation with You.


Weeping over Jerusalem

and all that would lie ahead on Your last journey,

You lay before us

an example for our prayers.

For in Your prayers

the story of the need for peace;

the care of those who surround;

and the needs of Your own life

are each afforded time

and words and mediation.


So this morning

we weep for cities in conflict;

for places where dictators hold power,

and people feel the weight of oppression;

for those who feel they have no voice.


We weep for the economies of our world

as budgets bring further hardship and crisis;

where businesses can see no future

and ordinary people feel disadvantaged

and abused by financial policies.


We weep for countries where weather

can devastate life;

for those within the UK

who find this colder time a hardship;

and those beyond our seas,

whose homes and livelihoods are devastated

by conditions that destroy

livelihood and habitat.


We weep for the unwillingness of the Christian church

to recognise the similarities that unite

and instead the delight

in the divisions and anger

that thrive in our differences.


May the tears we weep in Christ’s name

offer the opportunity for hope

to grow in all life.


Sunday 24th March 2013 – Palm/Passion Sunday C (3)

Merciful God,

this week we set our feet

upon the road to Jerusalem

that we might

encounter the life, death and resurrection

of Jesus.

Such a journey

calls upon our emotions, our spirit

and the gifts we have been given in faith:

for on this journey

we will recall

the breadth and depth of Divine love

for all of creation.

Our knowledge of God’s gift freely given

can seem overwhelming,

and yet you welcome the little we bring

and embrace us with Christ’s love.



Sunday 24th March 2013 – Palm/Passion Sunday C (2)

Lord of the waving branches and coat-covered colt,

You are welcome

to our place of worship.

With shouts of “Hosanna”

and calls of “Blessed”,

You are praised

for all that You have offered

in the life of creation.

With story-telling

You entwine the past, present and future together.

In sharing food

You create community

that encourages conversation.

As healing enters lives

You give the assurance

that even in vulnerability

hope can survive.


Waving our branches with joy today,

we know that we do not always

live out the excitement of our faith in You.

Our voices of joy

can so easily be the voices

that undermine.

When what is happening around

is not the familiar and tradition,

we can be the mocking voices

or the gossips

who offer the kind face in person

and yet whisper hurt

in hidden corners.

Easily swayed

by the chants of other,

we cannot pretend

that we would not runaway

or call for Your demise

were we to follow Your footsteps to the cross,

Lord of forgiveness.




Lord of life, death and resurrection,

as we seek to live as Your people,

may Your forgiveness

inspire us to cast our old ways of living aside,

and instead make us willing

to rise in the knowledge

that we belong to You

and with You

our words and actions

can offer signs of Your kingdom

in the midst of life.


Prayer for Dedicating a School’s New Building

Almighty and Creator God,

You make all things new,

transforming what we know about ourselves

and about the world

in our meetings with other people

and with the experiences

of our senses.

Each moment of life

is an opportunity to be inspired

and informed.


We give You thanks

for the history and tradition of education

within this ancient burgh,

and for the continuing history and tradition

of this school.

We give You thanks

for the many people who have

played their part

in inspiring young people

that they might

head into life encouraged to reach into life

with vigour,

as they look to the opportunities before them.


Today especially we give You thanks

for the promise of this new building

and the work of all those

who have been involved in the design and construction.

From teaching staff, pupils and parents

offering views and opinions on what they hoped for;

to those who found the finance;

to architects, surveyors, builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians;

and those who thought of furnishings and decoration.


As we dedicate this place of learning,

we ask Your blessing Lord,

upon all those who come within the walls and grounds.

May those who teach, and learn and grow

continue to be inspired and inspiring;

May this place continue to be a place

where young people are encouraged

to reach for their potential.

May the sounds of the corridors

be sounds of a community that values respect and trust,

and may the doors be open to the community beyond

as it finds a welcome and a place

for growth and learning.

May the hopes of the building of a better community

find its root in the ambition

of education that touches every aspect of our lives.

We offer these our prayers,

in Christ’s name.