Sunday 3rd March 2013 – Lent 3C (5)

Lord of all life,

We praise You for Your faithfulness;

for You are ever aware of our failings,

and yet You rise with us each morning

and instill within us

a sense of purpose

and a desire to serve You in love.


Creator God,

With each new day,

may You rise in the lives

of those who have been called to leadership.

In forming governments, Boards of Management and committees

may people take a sense of pride in what they do,

but not be blinded by the power they hold,

and through the activity of working with others

may they imaginations

be taken to those beyond the walls.

In decisions that are made.

in choices offered,

and laws delivered,

may all people be offered

the opportunity to discover the worth

You have placed within them.


Inviting your creation

to turn around

and follow You once again,

in the action of turning to face You

our eyes are caught

by the vision of the world

You have asked us to tend.

We pray for those who uphold the laws of their countries,

whether they be police forces,

judges or lawyers,

and know that these are people

in whim we wish to place our trust.

We remember those who have been badly treated

by those they had hoped would offer

fair treatment.

We remember those

who are abused

by those they want to trust.

And we remember those who abuse,

In the way we deal with others,

may we always remember to keep

Your love as our greatest value,

and ensure that all voices are heard.


Offering a place of sanctuary

under Your wings,

You offer a place for those

who need to rest from the world in which they live.

May those who have grown weary with life,

those who need a space to reflect and cry,

and those who hope to find healing,

settle in the shadow

and find the restoration they seek,

and the hope

that inspires them to thrive in life again.


May we be inspired by those

who have turned to You

and offered a vision of Your presence

in the lives they led

in Christ’s name.



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