Sunday 10th March 2013 – Lent 4C/Mothering Sunday (4)

This is adapted from a stock of prayers from the past.   It very likely relies upon another source, and if you recognise thank you.

God of abundant love,

you are like a mother who never forgets:

we give you thanks

for those who have mothered us

during the difficult times of life
and who have rejoiced with us

in moments of celebration.

God of abundant love,

you long to be a mother who comforts:
we ask for your comfort upon those

who are sad or sick or lonely this day;
we pray especially for those who mourn

and ask for your comfort upon them.

You are a mother to the motherless.
We pray for those who find Mothering Sunday a particularly difficult day:
for those whose own mothers have died;,
for those whose relationship was or is difficult with their mother;
for those who mourn for the children

they could never bring to birth and mother.
We ask you God to mother them.

You are like a mother hen who gathers
and protects her children under her wing.
Teach us what it means to find security in the shadow of your wings.
Show us how to reach out and call others to your love and protection:
for the weak and vulnerable in our communities,
we ask your blessing and protection.

God of love, mother to all,

hear these prayers and answer them,
for the sake of your children.
We pray in the name of your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord.


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