Sunday 17th March 2013 – Lent 5C (3)

Steadfast Lord,

whose love is overflowing and inexhaustible

in its generosity.

Tending for the creation

You tease the best qualities

out of the poorest materials.

Taking what can sometimes be cast aside

or ignored,

You draw attention to the possibilities and potential

that have lain hidden.

In the midst of the bleak corners

of winter and life,

Your Spirit speaks from the chill

with fresh, crisp promises.

Awaiting the lengthen heat

of muggy summer days,

we long for time

to play within You creation


In this world full of freedom, choice and possibility,

we do not always recognise

what is good just for ourselves,

but also for the community

of which we are part.

We speak out of turn,

and hurt those we never meant to hurt.

At times we hurt intentionally,

keen to show our wrath and anger,

and yet destroy not just our relationship with another,

but our understanding of ourselves.

As we receive Your overflowing grace,

help us in our need for forgiveness

to seek the best of You

shared with others.

May our sorrow and faith

heal the bods we make

that others may know Christ’s love

in all we say and do.




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