Sunday 17th March 2013 – Lent 5C (5)

Compassionate God,

You are to be praised

for the tears that are shed through life.

For tears are to be welcomed,

as a sign of emotion

and as a sign of health.

Tears are shared in times of celebration

as we rejoice in the achievements of others,

or share experiences of love and laughter.

And in the sadness and turmoil

of all it means to be human,

You encourage us to weep together

and use the strength offered

to carry us through to another day or moment.


God who listens to the tears of all people,

we listen to the tears of children.

Sometimes those tears are misplaced frustration,

but in this world they are also

tears of hunger and poverty,

of lack of education or hope for the future,

of exploitation and hurt.

As we share the sorrows of children

may we offer comfort and hope,

as we seek ways to support and help.


We listen to the tears of those who share our community.

Beyond the walls of worship

there are those who cry for the turmoil of their lives.

May we hear the tears

of those looking for work;

of those in need of a place to live;

of those who are not sure

how the family budget

will accommodate the increasing costs of living.

As we encourage councillors and politicians

to represent all in the way they make decisions,

may we offer comfort and hope

to those who need support.


We listen to the tears of those of weep

because they feel that have let You

and others down;

because they are hurt;

because they are alone, unwell or bereaved.

May their sorrows be ours,

and in the care we offer and seek

may we offer signs of Christ’s presence in our midst.



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