Prayer for Dedicating a School’s New Building

Almighty and Creator God,

You make all things new,

transforming what we know about ourselves

and about the world

in our meetings with other people

and with the experiences

of our senses.

Each moment of life

is an opportunity to be inspired

and informed.


We give You thanks

for the history and tradition of education

within this ancient burgh,

and for the continuing history and tradition

of this school.

We give You thanks

for the many people who have

played their part

in inspiring young people

that they might

head into life encouraged to reach into life

with vigour,

as they look to the opportunities before them.


Today especially we give You thanks

for the promise of this new building

and the work of all those

who have been involved in the design and construction.

From teaching staff, pupils and parents

offering views and opinions on what they hoped for;

to those who found the finance;

to architects, surveyors, builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians;

and those who thought of furnishings and decoration.


As we dedicate this place of learning,

we ask Your blessing Lord,

upon all those who come within the walls and grounds.

May those who teach, and learn and grow

continue to be inspired and inspiring;

May this place continue to be a place

where young people are encouraged

to reach for their potential.

May the sounds of the corridors

be sounds of a community that values respect and trust,

and may the doors be open to the community beyond

as it finds a welcome and a place

for growth and learning.

May the hopes of the building of a better community

find its root in the ambition

of education that touches every aspect of our lives.

We offer these our prayers,

in Christ’s name.




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