Sunday 7th April 2013 – Easter 2C (3)

God of beginnings and endings,

our praise of You

sounds from the highest heavens

to the depths of the oceans.

In every corner of creation,

and each particle of the universe

something new and astounding awaits

to offer fresh insight

into Your presence within life

and Your desire to be made known.

Just when we think

we can know no more

or love without measure,

You burst from the emptiness

of who we are and what we offer

and reach into

the spaces that we had not yet dared

to touch.


Lord of forgiveness,

so often we are willing

to live as those

whose journey is complete

and feel that our discovering of You is finished.

The gifts we were given

lie hidden and dormant

because we used them once

and we cannot believe that You still have need of us.

We draw a line

about how and where the church,

Your people might reach out,

for we allow the rumours and gossip

about our community

to place blocks across the dark corners of towns and cities.


God of beginnings,

in love and forgiveness,

You open our eyes and ears

that we might see the distress of others lives

and listen to the cries of the sorrowful,

and with Christ’s presence

offer a willing Spirit

in service and action.



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