Sunday 7th April 2013 – Easter 2C (5)

Creator God,

In all of life

You are waiting

to demonstrate Your presence

and offer Your unconditional love.

In the lives of others

you have made Yourself known

and at times when doubt pervades

Your presence

in the care, love and attention

offered by other people,

while sometimes ignored,

can offer the lifeline

in the emptiness of anger, frustration and bereavement,

that returns the doubter to Your embrace.

We give You thanks

for those who have challenged our doubts

by offering living signs of You.


We pray for those

in need of the hope and assurance

of Your living presence

in the situations they face.

We pray for those who are persecuted for their faith,

who are subject to brutality and scorn.


We pray for those who live in war zones,

whose villages, towns and cities are filled

with soldiers and weapons.

We think to day of those living in North and South Korea;

and think of those

who listen to the rhetoric of war-mongering and scare-mongering,

and those whose livelihoods are at threat

as they found borders closed

or hard to cross.


We pray for those who are imprisoned.

Those imprisoned by their own actions

who find themselves

behind prison walls

and separated from their families.

Those imprisoned by their emotions

as they fail to respond

to their own needs and the needs

of those around them.


We pray for those whose lives feel empty.

We remember those who are unemployed

and who cannot see a way out of their situation.

For those who changes in benefits

have brought further hardship upon their lives.

We remember those

who feel the weight of bereavement

as it hides a different future.


We pray our one another here in this place,

that as Christ’s community

we tell the stories of Good News

and yet long for a future

where we are more then faces that meet on a Sunday

but a community the offers signs of Christ’s presence

in the love and care we share with each other

and the community beyond.


Lord of our past, present and future

may the hearts of our world

be filled with courage and hope

as we meet Your presence

in every part of life.




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