Sunday 14th April 2013 – Easter 3C (5)

God who sustains us

We give You thanks

for meeting our needs each day.

Each morning, noon and evening

we are fed with sustenance

that nourishes our physical presence,

and with the presence

we praise You.

In dawn, day and dusk

You feed the hunger of our hearts and souls.

For some that offers the assurance of love;

for others it is the instigation to get involved;

while for others it is the whisper of relaxation.

We thank you

for the differing ways we have been called to follow You,

and that difference is important

for it offers the breadth of Your nature to view.

So we thank You

for the bright flash of light

and voices from heaven

that have called some to faith,

and we praise You

for the slow burning flame

and the ancient stories told

who form a community

that have stirred generations to believe

fellowship and church are important.


God of community,

open our eyes

so that we might see the world as You see it.

We pray for those who are blinded by hatred,

from children in playgrounds,

to work colleagues,

or warring nations.

May Your love burst boundaries

and allow new perspectives on each situation.


We pray for those in need of healing.

We think of those

who find their relationships with others are strained

because they feel they have let someone down,

or are hurt and angry

because of the actions of another.

May Your love bring hope

to the despair

that has cast a shadow across the future.


We pray for those who seek Your grace,

as we remember those who make judgements

about the lives of others.

We remember those who make decisions

that will have impact upon the life

of individuals and communities.

May Your truth challenge prejudice

and offer a new vision

of the burdens of others lives.


We pray for those who long for tenderness,

and pray for those who matter most to us.

Remembering family and friends,

we know those who are bereaved,

unwell, or alone.

We know those we miss from our community,

and long to welcome back.

May their faith in You

allow them to wander in their doubts

to find new signs of certainty

that Christ’s presence is with them.



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