Sunday 14th April 2014 – Easter 3C (3)

Creator of the highest heavens,

the deepest seas,

and the plains and mountains,

towns and villages,

angel voices praise You.

All living creatures circle around Your presence

and sing of Your wonders

shown in the wisdom and strength

that permeate the continual cycle

of growth and life

upon the earth.


From different paths

and different lives

we find our common purpose

within our knowledge and love of You.

For Your creation was made for praise and worship

and to exhibit that

not just in words and song,

but in the care and compassion

that is shared amongst all that surrounds.

Our first knowledge of You

may come from that slow burning growth

to acknowledging to whom we belong;

or we may have discovered Your presence in our lives

by surprise,

that a bright light

that challenged all that we once believed about the world.


Your presence in all creation

can inspire or interrupt

for You search amongst our thoughts and fears

and challenge all we know and think.

Forgive us for the prejudices

that do not allow us to meet you in the eyes of another.

As we remember those times

when we have felt our opinion mattered more,

or where we have belittled the words of another,

help us also to forgive those

who have not shown us respect

and trusted our thoughts.




Lord, in Your forgiveness of us

may our self-importance be cast aside

and instead encourage us to be adaptable and welcoming

so that Your kingdom is shown in word and action

as we inspired by the life of Christ.




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