Sunday 28th April 2013 – Easter 5C (3)

God of beginnings,

Rejoicing in the newness of this day

we have gathered as Your people

to worship You.

Living amongst Your creation,

You offer sins of Your love

in all that surrounds.

You are to be found

in the little signs of Spring

that promise warmth for our skin

and for the growth of plants and animals;

You are found in the comfort offered

that cheers the dark, damp days

and wipes the tears

of those who feel alone.

In the glimpses of Your kingdom

You inspire hope

in the life of those

who seek to know and love You.


God of endings,

You are always patient with us

as we fail to listen and be changed

by what we know of Your love.

When we exclude others

from knowing Your love,

You take us by the hand

and lead us beyond the boundaries

that we create

that others might encounter Your generosity.

You challenge our expectations and prejudices,

and offer forgiveness

in the diversity of discovering

that we belong to You.


May Christ’s blessing

call us to be inclusive

and welcome all

who long to encounter You.




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