Sunday 19th May 2013 – Pentecost C (3)

God of every gift,

Within our hearts Your flame burns

encouraging us to share

Your love

in whatever way we can.

We may not have a gift of languages,

or artistic talent,

or practical skills,

but You invite us to give from who we are

and all we can do.

So in what we give,

may we share Your love





Sunday 19th May 2013 – Pentecost C (2)

God of warmth and light,

You are wrapped in the colours of the sky

as You stretch out the cover

of the heavens above.

You travel into our lives

in the noise of the wind,

and the burning of fire.

Your world is full of creatures of every kind,

ad the seas and oceans tempt us

to play and refresh

who we are in Your presence.



we sometimes hide our faces

in shame and sadness

because we know we have let You down

in the unkind things we say

and the cruel things we do.


As we say we sorry,

may You take our breath away

as we discover how much You love us,

and long for us to live sure

that we belong to You.


Sunday 19th May 2013 – Pentecost C

Like many others in the Church of Scotland, some of our congregation will be spending the day at “Heart & Soul” in Edinburgh.   So worship is church family orientated, and not all of it is my own.

Come, Spirit of God             BRINGING LIGHT TO CREATION

Come, Spirit of God             ENLIGHTEN OUR HEARTS

Come, Spirit of God             AND DWELL IN OUR LIVES

Sunday 12th May 2013 – Ascension Sunday C (4)

Jesus, Ascending Lord,

as You raise our eyes

to see the world

that seeks Your presence,

may what we give

in this offering of time and talent

and for the work of Christian Aid and other groups,

offer signs of our commitment

to live as Your people.

May Your love

inspire us to confidence,

and call us to live with courage

that we might share

the hope of Your kingdom in our midst.



Sunday 12th May 2013 – Ascension C (3)

Lord of the heavens,

You are to be praised

in word, song and noise.

King of heaven and earth,

You assemble all people

that in Your presence

they might experience

the wonder and love

of belonging to You.


When all around us

might slip into chaos and unknown,

You, mighty God,

are an everlasting strength

that guides our lives

and nurtures creation.


Lord who enlightens

our vision of the world

and the understanding of ourselves,

in Your presence

we notice our flaws and failings.

We easily grow despondent

to all that surrounds us,

and the company of others.


we criticise and undermine,

and live amongst the “mights have beens”

and “could have dones.”

As we reflect upon

Your invitation

to look towards God,

we await Christ’s lifting us

to heavenly values.




Forgiven by You,

Creator God,

may we live in the richness

of Your strength

that guides us

as we share Christ’s love and justice

in our lives.


Sunday 12th May 2013 – Ascension Sunday (2)

Shouting for joy and clapping our hands

we come to worship

the Lord most High.

As He ascends into the heavens,

we lift our voices,

but turn our eyes

to see the world

as Christ would see it.

In worship and praise,

confession and thanksgiving,

we recognise the call of God

upon our lives,

and in gathering here

await His Spirit

to send us forth in Christ’s name.