Sunday 5th May 2013 – Easter 6C (3)

Holy God,

Inviting all to settle

in the welcome of You presence,

we worship You.

The warmth of the sun

touches the earth and skin

and encourages all life

to grow.

The brightness of the moon

lightens the night

and assures of Your guiding presence

at all times.

The cycle of day and night

inspire us to wisdom

as You offer time for work and play,

for silence and noise.

From all we have faced in life

You offer time

in worship

that the Holy Spirit

will stir all we know of Jesus

to shine in our lives.


Forgiving Lord,

While You throw wide the doors and gates

that allow others

to encounter Your presences,

we create boundaries and locks

that keep us from new experiences.

We notice difference,

and exercise preference.

We long to be comfortable,

and exclude those who do not share our opinions.

In our faithfulness to you

may we learn to lay down our prejudices

and discover a world

that is bigger than our personal experiences

and ambitions.




Lord of all people,

In leading us in new directions,

You have torn down our barriers

that our lives might be lived

in the presence and wisdom

of Christ’s love.



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