Sunday 2nd June 2013 – Pentecost 2C (3)

Lord of all nations,

Raising our hearts to You

we rejoice in the breadth of Your love.

You do not know the barriers

of nation or continent,

and instead Your salvation

is offered to all.

You make Your ways known

in the vibrant colour of creation,

in the variety of relationship,

and in the vigour of discussion.

In the settled peace of human hearts

You offer the assurance

that Your gift is for all.


Forgive us when we choose

those we feel are worthy

of love.

Remembering those times

when we have favoured those

who wore the right clothes,

spoke with the right accent,

or came from the right place,

call to our attention those we have ignored.

Teach us also to forgive those

who have not recognised Your gift within us.


Gracious God,

within Your presence

all are loved and forgiven,

and Christ calls us again to follow Him.




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