Sunday 9th June 2013 – Pentecost 3C (3)

Lord of the heavens,

who lifts the creation

from all that burdens life,

You are to be praised

for the tender care

and healing touch

that reaches into the passage of each day.

When words of scorn rain heavily upon our ears

You speak words of hope and encouragement.

In the midst of the anguish and burden

You offer help and assurance.

Even in the tears and pain

of the dark night of the soul,

You rest with us

that we might walk into

the light and love of Your dawning presence.


Healing Lord,

our relationships with each other

and with the world

speak of our lack of faith.

Willing to ignore the needs of others

we put our own thoughts, beliefs and values first.

We do not tend the all You have created

in the manner Your might hope.




Companion God,

we give thanks for Your forgiveness

as it inspires us to reach into

the dawning of this new day

and walk with Christ again in all we say and do.



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