Sunday 16th June 2013 – Pentecost 4C (2)

This place is a place for all people.

A space where joy and sadness meet.

A time for celebration

and forgiveness

to speak into the hearts

of those who meet.

As we draw closer to God

we come knowing all

that this week

and each day

has asked of us,

and all that we have responded to

or chosen to ignore.

We worship God

as those who want to share our joys

and yet also know

all that we have failed to do.


So in this place God invites us to wholeness.

The celebrations we share

buoy up the downhearted,

and the failings we hide

are brought forward

for Christ’s Spirit to embrace

and use within the life of this community.


Where we might hide,

God calls us out

with His unfailing love



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